StuCo donates Homecoming ticket sales

With the environmental disaster created by the explosion of Deepwater Horizon oil rig off the coast of Louisiana, the Gulf Coast has been in need of money and support to clean up the damage that the oil has caused to the wildlife and coastal environment. This fall, Student Council (StuCo) decided to lend a helping hand, agreeing to donate revenue from Homecoming ticket sales towards relief along the gulf coast.

“We sold roughly 1,100 tickets for the dance this year,” said StuCo President Shawn Moore. “So we made around $15,400 off ticket sales.”

While StuCo still has to decide how much they can afford to donate, Moore expects the amount to be at least 30 percent of ticket revenue.

“That is quite a lot of money to donate,” said Moore.

If StuCo decides to donate 30 percent of revenue, the total amount donated to organizations helping clean up the gulf coast would be $4,620.

StuCo had decided to donate a portion of revenue from homecoming tickets to an organization relating to the theme back over summer.

“When the idea of a under the sea theme came about, it seemed like a perfect fit,” said Moore.