Cross country runs sectionals

The cross country team ran at McNair Park once again on Saturday. This time, the runners competed in sectionals to earn the privilege of running in state, which is held the following week. All the contenders that ran got their personal best times.

“It was a lot cooler, really nice out,” said Coach Michelle Breuer. “They were good conditions [for running].”

According to Coach Breuer, to prepare for the next meet – running for state – the team runs two difficult tracks at the beginning of the week, and then take a break for the rest of it.

“They don’t run as far,” said Coach Breuer. “As long as they’re in shape to do what they need to do.”

As for the actual race, Coach Breuer believes that Sydney Voss will make it into the top 25. Another runner, Erica Grogg, is almost at the same expectation.

“The boys are very unpredictable.” said Coach Breuer. “They’re so much faster and at such a different level than the girls.”

Coach Breuer says that you can have about five really fast girls, but have 40 of the boys competing for the fastest runner.

“Josh McKinley has the potential to be in the top 25,” said Coach Breuer of the junior.