DECA prepares for competions

Currently, DECA is preparing for the district competition that takes place on Feb. 9. DECA usually brings approximately 90 students to the all-day competition. The students that place, which is usually 20 to 25, go on to state. Then somewhere around seven or ten students compete at nationals.

This year’s national competition is in Orlando, Fla. The DECA team prepares for this event by taking practice tests and doing role plays (role plays are having an assigned advertisement to attempt to sell to a judge).

“The more involved [you are] and the more you know about business, the funner it is,” said senior Taylor Kitchen, DECA vice president.

Kitchen has had the opportunity to go to districts and focuses mainly on business and law.

“You have to be a people person and think on your feet to relate to the judge,” said Kitchen.

Students may be able to have an individual scenario where they have 10 minutes to prepare an argument and 15 minutes to persuade the judge. Other students participate in teams. These teams work together for 30 minutes to collaborate on a certain scenario then 15 minutes to persuade the judge.

According to Mr. Steve Cross, DECA sponsor, students have done well in competitions and have sent many students to nationals.