Book club to conference with local author

On Jan. 27, the school book club will be participating in the organization’s first conference with a published author; however, this chat with a novelist isn’t like many others. Librarian Andrea Head has scheduled a video conference with the writer Brian Katcher on a program called Skype to discuss his book “Playing With Matches.” Skype allows users to talk to one another through web cameras even if they are continents away.

“Katcher’s mother is actually a guidance counselor at Francis Howell. That’s how I got a hold of him,” said Ms. Head. “He’s an elementary school librarian too, so he was more than willing to set up a Skype date.”

Web camera conferences have become common as more and more companies have access to higher quality technology.

“The opportunities are endless now. There are so many things students can do now that we couldn’t do back then,” said Ms. Head.

The book “Playing with Matches” is actually set around Missouri, which adds a level of interest to the students.

“It often refers to Mid Rivers Mall as well as as many other landmarks around Cottleville,” said Ms. Head.

The book club has on average 12 to 15 members and meets every semester to discuss and assign the new reading.