DECA’s teams practice for districts

DECA students study hard for their upcoming district competitions Feb. 9. These competitions are considered the focal point of DECA as students continue to prepare for their events. DECA is continuing to partake in something similar to a dress rehearsal; these “rehearsals” are called roll play. The students receive some information on their topics and attempt to convince their student judge to see from their point of view.

DECA President Adam Farmer and partner Alex Faupel anticipate the upcoming district competition. Last year, the pair was able to go on to national competitions.

“It is rare to go as a junior, and it was our first year in DECA,” said Faupel.

The pair’s event is under Financial Analysis, and they plan on focusing on how present to judges, as well as including more visuals in their pitch.

Along with Farmer and Faupel, other DECA memebers are in the process of preparing for their final opportunity to present in front of the judges which will determine whether they move on in the competition.