Quiz Bowl’s snow problems

With the craze of snow days hitting the Francis Howell School District, many clubs are left scrambling to reschedule events and competitions. Scholar Quiz Bowl is no exception; however, sponsor Ms. Sharon King has kept the boat afloat.

“This weather has most definitely thrown us for a loop,” said Ms. King. “We originally had a competition Jan. 11, but that ended up being a snow day, so we had to cancel.” The new date has been moved to Mar. 1 at Holt High school.

Scholar quiz bowl competitions rotate throughout the Saint Charles league which includes all of the Howell Schools as well as Fort Zumwalt North, Holt, and Timberland. Jan. 25 was Central’s turn to host the competition.

“It [was] a little hectic. I [had] to figure out how many rooms we [needed] for all of the teams,” said Ms. King.

Nonetheless, the matches still remain casual and easy-going.

“The competitions are very laid back and relaxed.  We make it a main priority to have a good time.”

Scholar Quiz Bowl is looking for new members to be a part of  their three teams teams; a junior varsity team as well as two varsity teams: an “A team” and a “B team.” The varsity team attends every meet, however the junior varsity team changes each competition depending on which members want to attend.

“It’s really a great time,” says King.

Upcoming competitions include February 22 at Francis Howell as well as March 8 at Fort Zumwalt North.