The preview is the best part

The Howell Preview was a huge success and was great practice for the first competition of the season.

On Sept. 3, the Spartan Regiment had its Howell Preview. The Howell Preview is where North, Howell, and Central perform what they have prepared, so they can scope out competition. The Howell Preview is a celebration that kicks-off the band season.

“The Howell Preview becomes a celebration of marching band and instrumental music within the district,” said Mr. Nathan Griffin, the band’s director.

The Howell Preview showed the strengths and weaknesses of all the bands. The Regiment has one weakness which is staying focused. Junior Emily Gelski is a marching band member and plays percussion.

“We mainly have troubles with just staying focused. However, when we are focused we are really good at staying in time and keeping everything on point,” said Gelski.

The band part of FHC Regiment has the same uniforms as last year, but Color Guard,  a section of FHC Regiment, they have new gray uniforms with a green spiral going around the body. These outfits can bring a great score for FHC. Junior Amanda Harfmann has been on Color Guard her three years at FHC.

“The guard has gray uniforms with a green spiral going around our whole body. The band will continue to wear their uniforms from last year. The blue and silver with the lambda over the heart,” said Harfmann.

The regiment has a competition this Saturday at O’Fallon Township. The band has been trying to get their fourth movement ready for performance.

“Well right now we’re still working on setting drill for movement four,” said Gelski.

The band will be competing against Jefferson City, Edwardsville, Belleville East, and Rockwood Summit.