A series addiction

A series addiction

Watching a TV show is something that time and emotions must go in to, getting attached to a show is an unforgettable experience.
Olivia Biondo, Staff Reporter April 23, 2015

  The end of a TV series; filled with joy, heartbreak and the feeling of emptiness. Getting attached to a show is an experience that many people can say they have had. Whether it be a series on Netflix,...

The Sensations perform one of their dances at a Pep Assembly.

Sensations take Nationals

The Sensations are back from Florida, where they placed 13th in the Nation in hip-hop.
Olivia Biondo, Staff Reporter February 23, 2015

The Sensations have taken Nationals by storm, and as they return, they are very proud of placing 13th in the nation in hip-hop. For freshman Grace Davis, this was a new experience and she truly enjoyed...

Fine Arts Festivities

The Fine Arts Festival is tonight, and there are many events and performances that will attract people.
Olivia Biondo, Staff Reporter February 20, 2015

The Fine Arts Festival, taking place tonight in the cafeteria, is a chance for students in all different activities to showcase their talents. From band performances to displayed art, this night is one...

The final countdown

Many people have strong feelings towards finals, and as the first semester came to a close, those feelings were at an all time high. Some students have voiced their opinion on the tests.
Olivia Biondo, Staff Reporter January 30, 2015

Jared Hanisch (senior)  Q: How has your process of finals changed over the years?  A: It’s gotten worse ya know? It’s gotten worse. I guess I study a little bit more, but not really.  Q: Have...

The Sensations dance their hearts out performing in front of the school.

Sensations prepare for Nationals

The Sensations take off for Orlando on Thursday, and as the days draw near, the excitement is building.
Olivia Biondo, Staff Reporter January 27, 2015

The Sensations are preparing to take off to compete alongside other teams in Nationals, a competition that is located in Orlando, Florida. It is a very exciting time for the dancers to not only to dance,...

Many people spent one Saturday morning in September on Main Street raising money and helping to find a cure for diabetes with JDRF, an organization made to find a cure for juvenile diabetes.

Changing type one to type none

Diabetes is a serious disease that affects millions of people worldwide. There are many ways to treat it, but so far no way to cure it.
Olivia Biondo, Staff Reporter December 9, 2014

Each year in the US, 30,000 people are diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is a serious disease in which the pancreas inside your body is unable to produce any insulin. Without the hormone...

The Sensations perform in front of the crowd at the Fall Festival.

Senior stars

For the seniors last year as Sensations, they’re finishing strong and will continuously remember the memories they have made.
Olivia Biondo, Staff Reporter November 7, 2014

Memories that have been made over the senior Sensations four years of high school will never fade. They have been through numerous competitions, countless rehearsals and performances, and they have made...

Dancing to the top

Dancing to the top

As the Sensations continue performing at games, their true talents and the hard work they have put in was shown.
Olivia Biondo, Staff Reporter October 6, 2014

Games are in full swing, and for the Sensations, this means their performances have taken off as well. The thrill of being able to perform in front of hundreds of people is enough to make anyone full of...

Sensations start the year off right

All the hard work and preparation the Sensations put in over the summer will finally be shown as the school year begins and games and events take off.
Olivia Biondo, Staff Reporter September 3, 2014

As school begins, students wait for the first events of the year; football games, soccer games, and pep rallies. One team that is more than ready is the Sensations, they are ready to showcase to the school...

Making milestones

As their season nears the end, the boys golf team continues to have success and create new milestones.
Olivia Biondo, Staff Reporter May 13, 2014

The boys golf team competed in the 2014 GAC South Championships on May 1, placing third out of seventh. Ricky Barrett, a senior, was filled with success as he competed, finishing as the first team all-conference...

Keep moving forward

Boys golf season has been going on for quite some time now, and the talents, struggles and rivals have truly been demonstrated.
Olivia Biondo, Staff Reporter April 29, 2014

Overcoming struggles can be difficult; facing teams that are very competitive and difficult to beat can leave a team feeling down. As for the golf team, their losses and hardship are making them stronger. Senior...

First matches of the season prove superiority

As the matches take place, the players are able to see how all the practice and preparations turned out.
Olivia Biondo, Staff Reporter April 17, 2014

As the matches of the golf season are underway, and it is time for the players to find out their true potential as they take on their competitors. The time which they dedicated to practice and how they...

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