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Illustrated by Birdie Brereton

Temporary Affairs

Kailey Pallares, Staff Reporter February 7, 2024

Labels, situationships, cheating, hookups, commitment. These words stand out to our generation because they have become so prominent in our culture and changed the way we navigate our relationships. Glance...

Senior Mackenzie Sansone overlooks the court during a home game.

Stay In Shape

Kailey Pallares, Staff Reporter November 27, 2023

When the release bell hits 2:20 and the school day is finished, most students scramble to their cars to get out of the parking lot and rush home to relax from the school day. Other students rush to their...

Mrs. Stacey Dennigmann stares steadily at the computer infront of her, working on assignments for her classes and her extracirriculars.

Behind The Dance

Kailey Pallares, Staff Reporter November 20, 2023

Every student prepares for their Homecoming and prom night in a similar schedule. Selecting a color to coordinate with your date, finding a dress or tux, buying your ticket, and the entire stress of getting...

 The singer SZAs opening credits before her concert.

The Concert Craze

Kailey Pallares, Staff Reporter November 15, 2023

Throughout the summer, early fall and now almost entering winter, many different bands and artists have visited St. Louis during their respective tours, or plan to be visiting soon. The concert surge in...

The more students consume particular types of content on social media, the great effect it can have on their self-esteem. Illustration by Birdie Bremerton

Disillusioned Realities

Kailey Pallares, Staff Reporter November 3, 2023

As new apps have been introduced in the past decade, social media’s true purpose and meaning has become tainted due to the unrealistic beauty expectations and standards being pushed onto young and easily...

Scott Otey snaps a picture of the $21,000 check he donated to alleviate student lunch debt.

A Generous and Inspiring Donation

Kailey Pallares, Staff Reporter September 26, 2023

On August 22nd, the Francis Howell School district received an enthralling $21,000 donation put-towards student lunch debt from Scott Otey, a parent in the district. Otey first got the idea due to seeing...

Illustrated by Kailey Pallares

Pardon My Garden

Kailey Pallares, Staff Reporter April 28, 2023

As the weather warms up and spring quickly approaches, students are looking for fun activities to do during these sunny months. Many students play outdoor sports during Spring and the Summer months, but...

Tony Valera, a junior, plays the electric guitar for the Spartans Regiment Pink Out game performance in October. In addition to playing in the marching band, Valera is a member of the Jazz Ensemble and the Wind Ensemble.

Facing the Music

Kailey Pallares, Staff Reporter January 18, 2023

At age five, junior Tony Valera picked up his first of many instruments, a drum set. Inspired by his father and uncle, he would create his own music without realizing the impact it would soon make on his...

Student athletes struggle with their fading interest in their pastimes.

Blowing Out The Flame

Kailey Pallares, Staff Reporter January 9, 2023

Senior Lilly Williams awakes to her alarm blaring beside her. As she begins her morning, she feels her body aching from last night's volleyball practice. Williams thinks about the day ahead of her. School,...

The Spartan Regiment performing with different Middle School bands.

Behind the March

Kailey Pallares, Staff Reporter October 5, 2022

                  For many students, the marching band is known for bringing the tunes, school spirit, and overall pep wherever they play. No matter the section or instrument, they always...

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