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Distorted Reflection

Amity Ianiri, Staff Reporter May 23, 2023

A tense feeling makes its way up my neck, my palms begin to sweat profusely, and my eyes squint as I attempt to hold back tears. I quietly enter my first period as I slowly unzip my bag, and take out...

Zariya Robertson motivates her team during timeout at a girls varsity volleyball game.

Glee At FHC

Amity Ianiri, Staff Reporter May 18, 2023

The Upperclassmen of FHC are finishing out their year strong with many students reflecting on the highlights of this past school year. Looking back can give students the opportunity to recognize the...

Junior Kailey Pallares sets down her hat to get back to writing stories in her newspaper class.

Overextended Occupations

Amity Ianiri, Staff Reporter March 16, 2023

Junior Skye Hayden is just entering her room as she suddenly remembers, Wait? Am I scheduled to work tonight? This dilemma is commonplace among students who have an occupation outside of school. They often...

Junior Natti Reise is sprang into action during a cheer appearance.

What A Year For Cheer

Amity Ianiri, Staff Reporter March 14, 2023

The Cheerleading program has been hard at work building a community united in their goal of bolstering school pride throughout the school. From sporting events to cheer appearances, time and dedication...

Franklin and Chad eagerly swim towards the glass as they notice people entering the classroom. Photo taken by Kyly Jacobs.

Up Against The Glass

Amity Ianiri, Staff Reporter March 3, 2023

Entering Room 221 during the school week, students may notice people flocking around Kelly Staback’s tank as Taylor Spies [ Long term maternity substitute teacher for Mrs. Staback] wraps up a presentation...

Biscuits squirms over to greet Gravy who is snuggled up inside of a warm blanket that looks like a bee. Photos by Brock Slinkard.

Fuzzy Friends

Amity Ianiri , Staff Reporter February 28, 2023

Walking past the guidance office this year, students may overhear squeaking, alongside the laughter of students. These noises can be attributed to Biscuits and Gravy, the two Guinea pigs currently residing...

Junior Amber Davis is hard at work in Mrs Fays 3rd hour AP Eng. Lang class.

Generating Academic Success

Amity Ianiri, Staff Reporter December 19, 2022

The most important aspect of academic success is being involved with the environment that schooling allows for. It’s not just engagement within classes, it’s also interacting with extracurricular activities,...

For new staff reporter Amity Ianiri, joining the staff of the Central Focus  has been a challenge, but something that has inspired creativity, discussion and a better sense of community.

A Central Focus on What It Means To Be a Staff Reporter

Amity Ianiri, Staff Reporter December 6, 2022

My hands are tightly clenched and my heart is pounding as I approach room 119. I slowly open the door and am greeted by the glare of dozens of students. I quietly make my way over to Malach Radigan’s...

The Theater crew wrap up their final rehearsal for the “25’th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee”.

Let Me Spell It Out For You

Amity Ianiri, Staff Reporter December 2, 2022

The FHC Spotlight Players have wrapped up their final showing of “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.” The musical comedy was performed on three separate occasions between Nov. 17-19. The Theater...

Coach Malach Radigan embraces Junior Amjaed Safi during a team meeting. Players talked about why the team matters to them.

A Foundational Philosophy

Amity Ianiri, Staff Reporter October 13, 2022

Walking into room three during the football meeting, students are greeted with laughter and a bubbly team environment. Coach Malach Radigan discusses the team’s recent loss to Troy (53-21) as an opportunity,...

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