May 2016 Issue

Jared McClellan, Multimedia Executive Editor May 13, 2016

Teachers vs. Students

Leslie Sutton, Staff Reporter May 12, 2016

The last 2:20 bell is about to ring, and summer is on the minds of many - but for the seniors thoughts of graduation and college buzz through their thoughts. The idea of leaving the doors of Francis Howell...

Teacher Appreciation from others

Teacher Appreciation from others

May 10, 2016

Mr.Dauve, he not only cares about his students being successful in the classroom but also as a person! He is very personable & will help his students in any ways possible, he genuinely cares about...

Biggest impact from high school

Becca Abrams, Voice Editor May 9, 2016

I have never really been directly affected by school. Nothing here has every really impacted me to the point where I would remember it for the rest of my life. That’s not because I hate high school and...

Letter to underclassmen

Jared McClellan, Multimedia Executive Editor May 9, 2016

Dear Underclassmen, Time flies whenever you are having fun, and time has flown by. These past four years have shaped me as a person and will do the same to you. I don’t want this to sound like a cliche,...

Last four years

Olivia Biondo, Feature Editor May 9, 2016

Over the last four years, we have all become real people. We walked into freshman transition day back in August of 2012, completely unaware of where the next four years would take us. Would Dr. Arnel always...

Letter to Underclassmen

Bri Shatto, Move Editor May 9, 2016

Dear underclassmen, High school is hard, and anyone who tells you differently is lying. This is the time where you will feel this urge to find yourself amongst all the influences of new friends and...

Graduation Bucket List

Haley Mills, Staff Reporter May 9, 2016

  Make a collage of high school memories   This is where those pinterest and buzzfeed addictions come in handy.   Run a 5K   04/30 | Sat | 9:00am | St. Charles...

Senior Send-off

Senior Send-off

Jared McClellan, Multimedia Executive Editor May 9, 2016

The seniors of Central Focus want to share their own high school experiences in their own words.

Mr. Schott

Mr. Schott

Emily Mann and Bri Shatto May 6, 2016

Emily Mann: Mr. Schott has been my favorite teacher throughout my highschool career, he has been the only teacher I have been comfortable around enough to be myself. It is so great knowing I can be...

Mr. Dauve

Mr. Dauve

Emily Mann: Although I do not speak up much during class, due to my shy, timid nature, Mr. Dauve never fails to recognize my efforts in his class. He is absolutely one of the very best teachers I have...

Mrs. Fay

Mrs. Fay

Elisa Swanson May 6, 2016

Elisa Swanson: I will never be able to write a complete teacher appreciation letter because there are not enough cohesive words to describe Ms. Fay. I still remember the first time I really met Ms....

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