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Senior Alan Meister plays bass trombone in the FHC Spartan Jazz Ensemble

Alan Meister

Leslie Sutton, Staff Reporter May 17, 2016

Every day during the late summer and fall, the marching band students trek their way over to the fields, instruments and equipment in hand, ready for a three hour practice. However, once they get to the...

Senior Geoffrey Tibbles poses in his drum major shako and his FHC Jazz shirt

Geoffrey Tibbles

Leslie Sutton, Staff Reporter May 17, 2016

With senior year ending, many students are stressed about what to do with their life, what they’re going to do in college, what career path they’re setting themselves up for, and how they’re going...

Senior Mariah Skelly plays her saxophone in the homecoming parade

Mariah Skelly

Leslie Sutton, Staff Reporter May 17, 2016

Oftentimes when people think of therapy, they think of the classical Freudian scenario with someone sitting on the couch talking through their problems while the psychologist scribbles away at their paper,...

Future of music

Leslie Sutton, Staff Reporter May 17, 2016

Taking a look at the futures of high school students, some have chosen to pursue what they hold near and dear to them - music.

Hitting the ground running

Leslie Sutton, Staff Reporter March 18, 2016

The Francis Howell Central’s boys track and field team’s season has just begun, but the boys have been preparing since the year began. Junior Samuel Drnec says the team has been doing pre-season...

Senior Kaitlin Nolan shoots the basketball to score a basket for the Lady Spartans

More than a team

Leslie Sutton, Staff Reporter March 10, 2016

The season comes to a close, the lights dim, and the court is silent, once again. Although the excitement is gone from the court, the friendships and memories continue far beyond the last game. Senior...

Senior Jordan Handley plays a chorale the flute in the Wind Ensemble.

Jordan Handley

Leslie Sutton, Staff Reporter March 4, 2016

Students are constantly having the “future questions” shoved down their throats. The words “where do you want to school?” “what do you want to major in?” and “what career do you want to pursue?”...

Lady spartan Lauren Ebert dribbles the ball across the court.

Girls basketball team defeats Fort Zumwalt West

Leslie Sutton, Staff reporter February 9, 2016

The girls varsity basketball team won the game on Fri. Feb. 6 against Fort Zumwalt West with a final score of 66-55. Senior Emma Raup has been very successful this season, and she was more than excited...

Riley Wilson dribbles the ball down the court to score a point for Francis Howell Central.

Girls come out triumphant at first home game

Leslie Sutton, Staff member December 9, 2015

The girls basketball team held its first home game Monday, Dec. 7th. The girls played against Holt and although close, had an extremely successful game. The girls left the game with a score of 55-52. Senior...

Emma Raup takes possession of the ball and looks for a pass.

Taking the court

Leslie Sutton, Staff reporter November 19, 2015

The court is dark. The lights flicker on one by one as the girls enter the floor. Tryouts have been conquered, bodies have been beaten, and now it is time for the games to begin. The girls basketball season...

Senior Abby Conoyer serves the ball in a singles match.

Tennis recognizes its seniors

Leslie Sutton, Staff Reporter October 6, 2015

The girls tennis season comes to a close with the possibility of making it to state. The are ending a successful season, with two new coaches, and many new memories. As the season is ending, the girls...

Senior Abby Conoyer and Junior Maddie Gunnell square off in a doubles match.

Starting off the season on the right foot

Leslie Sutton, Staff Reporter September 4, 2015

The JV and varsity girls’ tennis team has started off their season quite a bit different from last year. New members and new coaches are just a couple of things they’ve had to adjust to. They played...

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