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The Front and Central Podcast Show is run by Ian Rashleigh and Colin Nichols discussing news, events, pop-culture, and bringing on guests to have an audio interview for listeners. Photo designed and created by Ian Rashleigh

Front and Central Ep. 2: Catching Attention

Ian Rashleigh and Colin Nichols May 16, 2024

Today on Front and Central Ian Rashleigh and Colin Nichols are back at it again, this time interviewing Abby Myers on the Big Fish musical and discussing a bit of what went on behind the scenes to make...

Students gather on the dance floor at FHCs 2024 Prom. As the school year comes to an end, juniors and seniors alike join to celebrate at the yearly dance.

Post Promcast

Sophie Rosser, Staff Reporter May 9, 2024

A pair of glasses lay on the grass. These district approved glasses are the ones worn during the eclipse, making sure students can responsibly watch a show.

Togetherness Throughout the Universe

Laila Alkhatib, Staff Photographer April 27, 2024

  As of April 8, students gather excitedly with protective eyewear to view the solar eclipse. Guided by teachers, they watch the moon pass over the sun, marveling at the celestial show. Together,...

Entangled at Prom

Entangled at Prom

Staff April 17, 2024

Old Hickory Golf Club was the destination for juniors and seniors who attended Prom on April 12. Approximately 600 students attended the annual spring dance and dined on appetizers, while dancing throughout...

Junior Arshley Moira sits on the field in awe of this experience. She admires and watches the moon as it covers the sun.

The Total Eclipse Experience

Meghan Baumann, Staff Photographer April 15, 2024

On Monday, April 8, students gathered on the Don Muench Memorial Stadium turf to sit back and experience the solar eclipse. Even though it wasn’t complete totality, there was enough to feel most...

Candidate Steven Blair answers one of many questions provided at the Forum. Throughout the evening, candidates took stabs at plenty of topics.

Public School Politics

Thomas Ramos, Web Assignments Editor April 8, 2024

For the Francis Howell School District, Jan. 18, 2024 had a schedule unlike other days. Students arrived on time, classes and lunches proceeded as scheduled, more than 300 students from all three high...

Senior Tony Valera practices during one of his many band classes. Valera chooses to dedicate some of his time during his band classes to practicing his solo and ensemble music.

Superior Solos and Eloquent Ensembles

Abby Myers, Staff Reporter April 5, 2024

Senior Tony Valera rushes out of a classroom, snare drum in hand. Valera has to quickly grab his marimba in order to be ready for his next performance. This performance means a lot to Valera, and because...

Candidates Sam Young, Adriana Kuhn, Carolie Owens, and Steven Blair sit lined up on the auditorium stage at the Candidate Forum. Each candidate used their allotted time to clearly take their stances on issues important to the public.

School Board Candidate Forum: In Summary

Thomas Ramos, Web Assignments Editor March 21, 2024

Parents, teachers, students, and other community members shuffle into the auditorium as the clock crawls to 7 p.m. Once entered, the audience members take their seats and wait patiently for the 2024 school...

The Spartan chef team joins together in front of their table full of food. They were joined by Francis Howell and North at Francis Howell on Nov. 9 for the competition.

The 14th Annual Iron Chef Showdown

Caroline Kraft and Meghan Baumann December 6, 2023

An ordeal of preparing, cooking, and perfecting began in early October for the Francis Howell Central Spartans iron chef team led by Kathryn McGuire. The Spartan chefs were joined by their district...

The projector behind the stage wishes the Class of 2023 a congratulations, accompanied by a bouquet of roses awarded to all seniors.

One Last High Note

Brock Slinkard and Andy Waliszewski May 15, 2023

Senior nights are always so emotionally complicated. Bittersweet smiles, tears of both joy and sorrow, pride in one’s own and their peers’ accomplishments through the years, and missing people...

Ryhan Pierce smiling and talking to her friends on the dance floor.

Last Chance to Dance

Samantha Castille, Photo Assignment Editor May 1, 2023

The night was filled with dancing and was decorated to the theme “Dripping in Diamonds”. Juniors and seniors filled Old Hickory Golf Club on Fri. April 14 for this year's prom. Seniors Maria Trupiano...

Freshman Maggie Skebo dazzles the crowd with her performance.

The Final Countdown

Aniya Sparrow/ Raina Straughter/Caroline Tarleton, Photography Staff April 27, 2023

The student body gathered in the large gym for one last pep assembly for the 2022-23 school year. On Thurs., April 13, the school celebrated the academic, athletic and extracurricular success from...

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