Runners Compete in Cross Country GAC’s

Xime Avila runs along the set path at a cross country race. “It was good, probably the best race so far. I’m feeling pretty confident [for the rest of the season] as a whole,
The GAC meet for cross country was held on Thursday Oct. 15, signifying the end of many runners' seasons
October 21, 2020

On Thursday Oct. 15, the cross country team competed in this year’s GAC meet. The team’s final meet (aside from districts) will take place on Tuesday, Oct. 27. For many runners, the GAC meet signifies...

Running Through Adversity

Connor Casler rests after a difficult race
October 20, 2020

With fall sports seasons coming to a close, the cross country team looks upon their victories and shortcomings that the season held for them. On Oct. 10, the team went to McNair Park for the annual Border...

Cross Country Senior Night

Natalie Walsh is congratulated by Dr. Sonny Arnel after receiving her senior night award.
September 22, 2020

For most Senior team members, they have been on this journey together for four years. Despite the difficulty of the sport, many enjoy being surrounded by the people on the team and will miss it in the...

Bennett Ascends A Slippery Slope

Bennett makes sure to pace herself mid-race. Creating a steady rhythm and knowing her limits, she demonstrates the best way to go about pacing herself.
Only one remains in the running for sectionals
November 1, 2019

Chunks of cold mud dribble down the calves of the oncoming herd. The slimy substance is sprayed out from behind them, a spectacle not unlike that of a lawn mower spewing grass clippings. Just beyond the...

Double Trouble

Central Spartans find strength in numbers as the race commences. The flood of athletes stake their claim for a position.
This speedy pair make many do a double-take as they blaze trails of glory in their rookie season.
October 10, 2019

Celine Dion once said, “I'm not in competition with anybody but myself. My goal is to beat my last performance.” The words of the iconic pop idol echo the motivational mantra many runners have adopted...

Climbing Man Maker

Climbing Man Maker
October 2, 2019

Man Maker, the hill every runner dreads. On Saturday, Sept. 21, the FHC varsity XC team took on arguably, the toughest course of the year. With low spirits, the team bands together to encourage each other...

XC conquers Sioux Passage

Hamilton finishes on the last stretch of a downhill. Maintaining a steady personal pace and mindset is imperative to performance.
Cross country runners took on the Man Maker hill of Sioux Passage Park with stability of mind and body.
September 26, 2019

Hundreds of hearts pump. Hands, glistening with sweat, rhythmically make jagged marks in the humid air. Bodies, weary yet determined, propel on. Adrenaline floods the atmosphere as racers approach the...

Nike fleet feet kicks off the season

Nike fleet feet kicks off the season
September 11, 2018

     In the annual Fleet Feet Kickoff, the Cross Country team joins together with several other schools to beat the heat and showcase the start of the season. In the two mile race, the runners conquered...

Who is Lily Chung?

Who is Lily Chung?
You see her running down sidewalks, through parking lots, and on trails but who is Lily Chung?
November 27, 2017

Cross country is one of the most visible sports of FHC with most practices occurring not only on campus but also on the streets and in the parks of Cottleville. But what most people don’t know is just...

Girls cross country overcome obstacles

Lauren Coleman a varsity member of the cross country team is running at Quail Trail. The meet was hotter than expected.
The girls cross country team defeat the heat and other obstacles to compete.
October 6, 2016

The start of this cross country season went well for the girls cross country team. Their first race was at Quail Ridge Park on Sept. 2. JV girls cross country did well overall considering some of the struggles...

Struggled season turns into hopeful post-season

Co-captain Ren Coleman during a season race. The girls have been running very well lately, four of them placed in the Warrenton Invitational.
Cross country post-season is quickly approaching.
October 5, 2016

As the season comes to a slow end, the cross country team is speeding up. With fast varsity runs, both the boys and girls are giving the team lots of hope despite the few challenges they have been facing....

Cross country sets the bar

Members of the cross country team come down a straight portion of the course at McNair Park. The boys and girls teams have gotten off to strong starts in their first meets of the season.
The cross country team began their season strong but with room to improve
September 6, 2016

The Spartan cross country team began its season on Aug. 24 with a two mile run at Quail Ridge and a 5k at McNair Park on the 26th. Both races were hot and brought their own challenges. For senior and number...

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