Racing Toward First

Ezra Bailey, is running to the finish line.

The varsity men and women competed at the GAC’s on Thursday, Oct. 13 at McNair Park. The girls placed second and the boys placed 11 out of 14 teams in total. As it was head to head for multiple people and racing to first, there were many runners who made their goal as there were runners that didn’t meet their goal. Freshmen Tony Casillassan commented on the outcome of the race.

“Well we love supporting each other like whenever we see each other running,” Casillassan said. “We just like help support each other and push each other to the fullest.” 

They are looking forward for what is to come out of the sport next year, and hoping to expand their program even further than where its at now. Also they are looking to place higher and advance further then where they are at now. Make sure to join cross country next year and help them out.