Review: ‘Not Your Birthday’

The song by All Star Weekend called “Not Your Birthday” is going to be featured in the Disney Original Movie, “Prom.” Personally, I think this song is great. Even though the movie is taking place in a high school prom setting and the song involves a lot of “partying” that is otherwise reserved for those 21 and older, it is still very fun.

Going against the norm, it is about how you shouldn’t reserve all that one-year-older party fun for just one day out of the year! In fact, it’s a pick-me-up song that you should listen to when you’re having a bad day…which definitely happens more often than a birthday.

Though the concept is innovative, the song itself couldn’t completely be considered an original. Everyone has heard this style of song from the bass line to the drum kit, not to mention the featured rapper somewhere after the second verse. Even though I don’t generally listen to this style of music, I love it whenever I’m in the mood to dance! This song is perfect for that. Therefore, and rightfully so, I will award it high marks in my book.