No rest for the weary

The production of last weekend’s “Seussical: the Musical” was a complete success, according to Director Michelle Moll.

“I was very pleased with all the positive feedback from the faculty, staff and students at FHC regarding ‘Seussical’,” said Moll. “It was definitely an amazing end to such a great year.”

The Spotlight Players are typically allowed a few weeks before they resume the routine of daily rehearsals, but this year is a different story. After the successful musical, Moll took a Sunday to recuperate, then started in full force with rehearsals for this year’s “Not So Dinner Theatre” production, “Murder in the Knife Room.” Because the production date for ‘Seussical’ was postponed due to inclement weather at the beginning of rehearsals, Moll decided to eliminate the “dinner” part of “Dinner Theatre.”

“In the past, we have had a dinner theatre around this time,” said Moll. “Because of the lack of time due to ‘Seussical’, we are performing it on the stage without a dinner.”

The show is directed by senior Mike McPartland and will be performed on Friday, May 20 at 7 p.m. Tickets will be sold at lunches starting the week of May 16 for $3 each.

“It’s a hilarious comedy about 20 party guests who are all accused of murdering their party host,” said Moll. “Ironically, the play takes place in the knife room of a mansion.”