Murder in the Knife Room


As the final production of the school year, the Spotlight Players will be hosting their “Not So Dinner Theatre” today at 7 p.m. in the auditorium. Tickets are $3 at lunches and at the door. The show is a murder mystery entitled “Murder in the Knife Room.”

“The cast and crew have worked hard over the past couple of weeks to put on an enjoyable murder mystery,” said Director Michelle Moll. “We are very happy that we were able to fit in one more show before the end of the school year.”

The Spotlight Players of Thespian Troupe 5743 will also be having its annual thespian induction. The Troupe will be inducting 37 new members, freshmen through seniors.

“Our Thespian Achievement Ceremony is set for Tuesday, May 24,” said Ms. Moll. “It’s our way of celebrating all of our achievements and awarding those who have excelled in the department over the past year.”

Students who want to be inducted have to meet two requirements.

“In order to be inducted, students are required to have at least 10 Thespians points. One Thespian point equals about 10 excellent hours of work in the Theatre,” said Ms. Moll. “Inductees are also required to go through Induction Week, which includes several different silly activities, one for each day of the week.”

Inductees went through Line Day, Wacky Day, Prop Day, Character Day, and Twin Day.

“Many theatre students see thespian induction as a huge honor and are excited to officially be considered a part of our thespian troupe,” said Ms. Moll.