The final bow for choir students, director

As the school year comes to a close, the choirs are finishing up the final touches for their spring concert that will be held Thursday, May 26 in the auditorium.

According to junior Melissa Mossinghoff, this concert will be the biggest concert of the year because it will be not only the last performance the choir does with the seniors, but also because it is Choir Director John Varwig’s final concert with the students.

“It’ll be a big moment for [Mr. Varwig], as well as for the seniors because it’s their last concert too,” Mossinghoff said.

In addition to the normal choir performances, the soloists and ensembles who received a ranking of a one on the five to one scale at the state competition (one being the best) will be performing one of their pieces. Two ensembles who received a ranking of a two also will be performing.

That is not the only thing that will make this concert unique though. According to Mossinghoff, the final piece will be the most memorable part of the concert.

“Our final piece will be one where all of [Mr. Varwig]’s choir students will sing together,” Mossinghoff said. “This is something [Mr. Varwig] said he hasn’t done before.”