Football prepares for its home opener

Last year, the Spartans beat the Trojans 7-0, and with this match up being the team’s home opener this Friday, Aug. 26, Coach Todd Berck foresees a positive outcome for the game.

“Last year, we had a lot of turnovers [in the Troy game],” Coach Berck said. “It was a close game … we know they have improved, but so have we.”

Although the offensive and defensive plans have not changed much this year, the strategy of going about those plays have. Coach Berck came up with “The Four Areas of Perfection,” which addresses all aspects of a play.

“First there is assignment, which is about knowing what to do once the ball is snapped; there’s also alignment, which is knowing where to be before the ball is snapped by lining up with the gaps,” Coach Berck said. “Next is taking the first proper step followed by effort – giving it your all.”

Not only has the team been improving its techniques and fundamentals physically, but they have been watching film of Troy’s previous games and practices to be fully ready for the game, according to Coach Berck.

“You never know if you are ready for that first game, but I think we are ahead of where we were last year, and we are prepared for our opener against Troy,” Coach Berck said.