Students get stuck with current classes


The guidance office handled crowds of students coming in to change schedules up until Friday, Aug. 19. That was the last date that students could switch out of classes for the semester without receiving a failing grade for the switch. Students received a small window of time before school started and two weeks into school to make up their minds.

“In my opinion, it should only be five days,” said guidance counsler Mrs. Michelle Breuer. “[The students] have to make up the nine days they missed. They have a lot of work to make up.”

According to Mrs. Breuer, there were less kids coming through for schedule change than previous years. This year, the scheduling allowed room for more electives. Students could switch first and second semester classes around in order to fit in a class that they desired to take.

“We allowed more flexibility,” said Mrs. Breuer.

In order to change a schedule, a student has to go in to the guidance office, fill out a blue form and place it in their counselor’s mailbox. When the counselors become available, they call the student down to discuss their schedules during school.

According to Mrs. Breuer, the main reasons why students decide to change their schedules is because they find out their friends are not in their classes or their electives. Sometimes, it is because of a teacher, but students have to go through a principal for that sort of problem. However, they are normally not allowed to change unless they received a failing grade for that teacher a previous semester.