Youth in Government lollipops prove big sellers

It is that time of year. Students see them as they walk down the hallway every passing period – time for Youth in Government lollipops.

Until Sept. 26, Youth in Government (YIG) students will be selling lollipops for 50 cents to fundraise for their club. The sale is successfully raising money so far. So much that they are running out of lollipops quickly.

“We’ve sold 1,728 lollipops so far,” Ms. Margo Hoffman, the club’s sponsor, said. “That’s four cases, six boxes per case, and 72 lollipops in a box.”

This year, the lollipops are either shockers, which are sour, or creme de la creme.

“The peaches and cream and caramel apple and cream lollipops are the biggest creme de la creme sellers, but the shockers are outselling them two-to-one,” Ms. Hoffman said.

Aside from selling lollipops, the students in YIG are currently writing legislative bills and then will learn to debate them. According to Ms. Hoffman, there is a very important parent and student meeting on Sept. 21 at 7a.m. or 7p.m., which attendance is mandatory for to go to the convention.