Qualifications for the A+ Program

In order for a student to become involved in the A+ Program, they must first simply sign an agreement form. After that is done, there are several things that a student must do in order to take advantage of the financial benefits that come with it.

When the student graduates, they must be holding a cumulative G.P.A. of at least 2.5. They cannot have missed more than 35 days total in their high school career, and they must have a record of good citizenship. They also must complete 50 hours of tutoring within a semester. This should also be done inside of the school district.

According to counselor Kris Miller, the 50 hours can be spent in a variety of places, depending on the student’s interest and comfort with his or her academics.

“Bottom line, it would have to be helping kids in some way within the school district,” said Mr. Miller.

The students can participate in classes ranging from preschool levels to high school. During the hours that they tutor or help the teachers, they must keep an hour log to keep track of how much time they put in and have it signed off by their supervisors.

Mr. Miller believes the best time to sign up is during the spring in the junior year.

“Usually, I think it really just depends on the schedule,” said Mr. Miller. “The spring of your junior year isn’t last minute, and it’s a lower key time.”

A large population of kids apply in the fall. In the spring, there is the least amount of students signing up, and there for easier to get what you want.

If a student is unable to finish their 50 hours within a semester, they can either start over or continue where they left off, depending on the reason.

“I’m pretty flexible. They have to have a good reason why they didn’t finish their hours,” said Mr. Miller.