The club that is “always fun, never Boron.”

Chemistry club allows students to explore and learn, while spending an enjoyable afternoon.

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Chemistry club is one of a club that is popular, yet somehow manages to slide under the radar.

This could be due to the fact that there aren’t always set dates.

Run by Mr. John Kozlowski, affectionately known as Mr. Koz, chem club is held after school on any day he wants it to be. One could say the club meets periodically.

Anyone can join at anytime, because these girls and guys just get together to appreciate science and have a good time.

“It’s a fun way to spend the afternoon, and get through the school week,” Senior Clayton Newburry said. “And it’s got super good snacks.”

Other than eating, students get to participate in experiments and activities that are interesting and exciting, but don’t fit into the curriculum, according to Kozlowski.

Senior Luke Wilson enjoys attending as long as work doesn’t interfere. “We tie dye t-shirts, race boats, stuff like that.” The tie dying took place yesterday, and the final products will be revealed this afternoon. And not only did they race boats, but they built them too.

“We made bio diesel to run our steam boats, which were made with copper tubes, and we raced them down a gutter,” Newburry said. His boat team ended up the champion.

Although the club has met minimally this year, there are still some chances to see what goes on at a chemistry club meeting. Keep on the look out for meetings as they are set.

“There’s a lot of people in it,” Wilson said, “but we could always use more!”

Senior Owen Carlson was elected President of the club by his peers, and he helps set up dates and plans for meetings. He, too, would like more members.
“You should join if you are fascinated by chemistry!”