Avoiding the stress

As the semester comes to a close, students are forced to struggle through the final exams. However, this stress can be avoided when a compromise is made between student and teacher.

Students are allowed up to three exemptions in their high school career. Although, there are requirements in order for someone to receive an exemption.

“[The student] has to have proficient or advanced on the [End of Course exam],” said counselor Mrs. Michelle Breuer.

The end of course exams that students will take are in Algebra I, Biology I, English I and II and American Government. This does not mean that the exemptions can only be used in these specific classes; the EOCs taken in these classes are a ticket for exemption in nearly any class.

A student must hold a 90 percent or higher in the class which they wish to use the exemption. The student must have no ISAP or OSS the year they desire to use an exemption. They are also required to maintain a 95 percent attendance rate.

“[The student] can have no more than four absences in the current semester,” said Mrs. Breuer.

Once all of the requirements are met, the student has to get the signature of their counselor to prove that they have the proper score on the EOC. Then, they must get the signature of the teacher for the class they wish to be exempted in. The paperwork then goes to Assistant Principal Mr. Dave Stofer, who compiles a list of students to be exempted.

“It’s an incentive to do well on the EOC, a reward,” said Mrs. Breuer.