A curiously good performance

Theatre director Mrs. Cori Nelson is satisfied with the performances of “The Curious Savage.”

Mackenzie Morris, Rachel Fortney, and Gea Henry look at a newspaper in “The Curious Savage.”

There is always a tinge of excitement in the air when the lights in the auditorium flash to notify the audience that the show will start in five minutes, and it was no different at this year’s fall play, “The Curious Savage.” The performances of “The Curious Savage” came and went so quickly for the amount of time and hard work that was put into them, but the hard work was worth it, as the show did not disappoint. Theatre director Mrs. Cori Nelson is extremely proud of all the members of the cast and the crews.

“Everyone performed fantastic, not only the acting side but the technical side,” Mrs. Nelson said. “I couldn’t have been happier. We’ve been rehearsing since the end of August, so it was a long time and a lot of work put into it, but we got there.”

Not only was she satisfied with the performances, but so were the audiences. Mrs. Nelson has received an excess of positive feedback coming from students, parents, teachers, and administrators.

“The overall response was great. People seemed to really love it,” Mrs. Nelson said. “I’ve had a couple of people say that even compared to last year, this is by far their favorite play. It’s been nothing but positive remarks.”

Senior Katrina Krieg has also heard many people talk about how much they enjoyed the play this year.

“A lot of people came out of the theatre and I saw them crying, and I was like, ‘Why are you crying?’ and they were like, ‘It was just so moving,’” Krieg said. “It was a show that touched home to a lot of people and just made them feel happy.”

According to Mrs. Nelson, there was only one small hiccup throughout the four nights of performances, and this happened during the Thursday night show.

“We had sliding doors, and in the beginning, it came off the track,” Mrs Nelson said, “but right during a scene change I had someone technical go back there, put it right back in place, and it was fine.”

After reflecting on the show, Krieg believes she and her fellow cast members performed to the best of their ability.

“With my own personal performance, I was very satisfied with it,” Krieg said. “A lot of people said that they could not stand my character, which was great because I was the bad guy, so I achieved what I was trying to go for.”

Mrs. Nelson agreed each cast member accurately portrayed their characters, and the shows could not have gone any more smoothly than they did.

“It’s fun casting because I never know where they’re going to take that character, I just see something inside of them that just kind of speaks to me,” Mrs. Nelson said. “And that’s months ago. Now, I’ve been told the casting was perfect, and it’s true, they really made each character their own.”

Krieg appreciated having cast members who fit their characters and cared about doing the best job in bringing out that character’s personality.

“Everyone who was on the cast was on cast because they best fit that role and that role best fit them,” Krieg said. “Everyone tried their hardest on cast, and everyone brought everything they could.”