Varsity ice hockey dominates the rink

Morgan West, Photographer

On Dec. 14, the varsity ice hockey team geared up at the Rec Plex to face off against private school Duchesne. Despite a rocky first period, Spartans won 3-1.

With 23 shots on goal, Spartans managed to dominate the rink this period. The first period Spartans were down 1-0, but managed to shoot a goal within the last couple seconds of the period. Cheers on our side and complaints from the other erupted as the puck made it in just in time.

In the very late moments of the last period, two players got too close as the Spartans were defending their goal and a quick fight broke out between a Duchesne player and senior Josh Stuart.

“I smoked one of his buddies and he came at me head-hunting” Stuart said., “Two minutes in the penalty box for roughing. [While in there] he talked to me and asked if I was all right”