Swimmers dive in to match with Timberland

First swim meet of the season


Varsity boys swim meet at the RecPlex, jumping into the pool to start the race.

On Aug.  24, the boys swim team had its first meet of the season against Timberland. It took place at the St. Peters Rec-Plex and was their first meet and first win 400 Free Relay of the season.

The first meet’s purpose is to see where everyone was at and for them to set their goals for the rest of the season as individuals and as a team. Some athletes have the same goals, but others have different ones.

The crowd at the swim meet was beyond loud. They were very supportive of the team and  there was not one person that was quiet. According to one of the swim team moms had said, “it is really fast, fun and loud!” And she wasn’t wrong.

Dominic Prince, senior, was excited to get back swimming with his team. His goal for this year is to get to state, along with two other swimmers.

“It is definitely exciting to start of the season and then winning as well. For myself, I wanna make it to state, that would be pretty cool,” Prince said.

Every individual on the team has their own goal, like Naheim McCowan, sophomore, he has been on the swim team for two years and has been swimming his whole life. He got fourth place in one of the races. His goal is to get a better time. To achieve that goal he trains and jogs every day and eats a healthy diet.

Every swimmer prepares for a swim meet differently whether it be getting 6-7 hours of sleep or eating low calorie foods, everyone’s goal is to be better than what they were before, or at least don’t get worse.

The main thing for these swimmers to do is focus in practice and in the swim meet and just keep swimming.

Prince has been swimming since he was in fourth grade and has never been on a team this great and this close before.

“Everyone is pounded together, we’re all really close. I think we are more close team than most people realize,” Prince said.

McCowan thinks the same and because of having such a great team, it makes him enjoy swimming even more. To him it is a new world.

“Once you take that first dive into the water and you’re in the water, it’s a whole nother world,” McCowan said.