Guidance at the end of the year

Guidance continues to stress on with the end of the year workload, with planning for Senior Awards Night for Thursday, May 17; seniors who did not quite make the credit requirements and upcoming college fairs. However, when it is all said and done, it is an entirely different feeling, according to Mrs. Michelle Breuer.

“It’s not really a relaxed feeling until everyone is gone,” said counselor Mrs. Breuer. “It is crazy that last week; [the counselors and I are] scrambling around with seniors. We don’t want them to go to summer school; we want them to finish now.”

When the senior awards roll around, it is a good night for both the students and the school staff members, according to Mrs. Breuer. Although graduation is a little bit different; for Mrs. Breuer, the emotions range in various heights of happiness and sadness.

“Sometimes in the back of your head, you’re thinking you wished a couple more kids would have made it,” said Mrs. Breuer. “I ask myself, what else could I have done?”

And then there are the kids who did make it, and overcame the obstacles.

“To look at that kid’s face, to know he’s done it, he’s graduated — it’s a relief,” said Mrs. Breuer. “Every year, it’s a different face, a different set of emotions.”

During the summer, counselors work ten days, mostly with summer school kids and changing up schedules or kids who take the CAP classes. For those who complete summer school, counselors have to go back and change transcripts to show that the students earned the credits that they needed. When that is all said and done, the next school year rolls back around, and everything starts all over again.

“That’s what I do like about our job — it ends, and then starts over again. It’s always something new.”