Sorting through the trash

Smell, reactions make trash dissection lab a fun one in Environmental Science class.

Mackenzie Craven
Mrs. Paula Pettig took the dirty diaper from Russell Adkerson because he was messing around too much. Mrs. Pettig and Bo Webb (behind her) were very amused and disgusted at the same time when encountering the diaper.

On Oct. 27, Mrs. Paula Pettig’s fifth hour Environmental Studies class did a trash dissection lab. Most of the students were very shocked by the smell of the room as they entered. There was a huge pile of trash bags in front of the room stacked about three feet high and nine feet wide.

“I only do this lab every year because the student’s reactions make me laugh too hard,” said Mrs. Pettig.

The students spent 30 minutes sorting the trash from all over the school. Most bags were from classrooms, but one group got stuck with the cafeteria trash. At the end, the students threw away many items that could have been recycled if done correctly.