Recognition at the Fall Festival

Fall sports and other activities get the chance to start off the season with appreciation for their interest.


King Leo looks on as members of the cheerleading squad perform at the Fall Festival on Aug. 15.

As school resumes this year, fall sports and other activities start up again, creating a sense of excitement for the season to come. The fall festival is an entertaining way to start off the season with the faculty, students, and community coming together in one event.

Scott Harris, the activities director, was pleased with the substantial size of the crowd this year.

“[The fall festival]  was our fifth annual event, and we’re really excited about how large it has become. We start with a parade of our marching band, both levels of cheer, both levels of dance, and all of our fall sports,”  Harris said.

While the students make up a vast amount of the people there, it is an important part of the festival for the faculty and families involved in the event. Harris and Dr. Sonny Arnel make sure it is an event for everyone in the community.

“I like to make it a family event for not only our fall athletes and their families and coaches, [so to make this happen] Dr. Arnel likes to partner with all the faculty, that’s why we bring in Kona Ice so all of the faculty get free Kona Ice, and two for their family,” Harris said, “We also bring in food trucks and bounce houses for the kids.”

The festivities and excitement of all the activities and food is what produces such a large crowd at the event. Harris describes the reason why he appreciates the huge turnout.

“I love that there was over a thousand people at the beginning of the ceremony,” Harris said, “Then we broke off and there was huge crowds and a softball hitting contest, and the junior varsity and freshman soccer team scrimmaging, the volleyball team had a scrimmage, tennis had some things, and golf did some things. I just love how our teams participate in it and it’s a fun, exciting way to start the school year.” 

Although the fall festival doesn’t change much over the years, planning is still necessary to execute the event.

“Mrs. Herdt and myself have a plan in place and start in the summer planning it out. Now since it’s our fifth year, our coaches know what to expect and our community knows what to expect,” Harris said.

Senior football captain Justin Hedrick explained the yearly routine of the football team.

“We walk down onto the field with the parade and then have our jamboree. The jamboree is just a big scrimmage with a lot of different schools. It’s my favorite part of the fall festival,” Hedrick said.

Marching band is a huge part of the festival as well. They perform and lead the sports onto the field. Member of the marching band, senior Elizabeth Skelly, shares why she enjoys performing at the fall festival.

“A lot of people don’t see our show, so it’s nice for people to see all the work we put into it,” Skelly said, “I love the atmosphere band has. We’re a big, happy family.  Plus, performing a show you’ve worked on for weeks is so fulfilling because the time and energy becomes worth it.”

Harris acknowledged  the most important moment of the festival is the gratitude toward students in these sports or activities, such as football or marching band.

“It’s a good opportunity because a lot of our sports don’t get to be recognized in front of a large crowd all of the time, so it’s kind of our way of recognizing them for their hard work and to kick off the school year,” Harris said.