Tough tryouts make for a strong season

The majority of fall athletes kicked off their season this week; of the many, boys soccer hit the fields Monday after school, with an especially difficult day.

“Tryouts are always hard. The first day this year was really hard,” said junior Ryan Hutson.

The players agree that the most challenging part of tryouts is the fitness, sprints, runs up the hill and runs on the track, which conclude every day of tryouts. The extensive amount of running ultimately led to five players throwing up.

“The fitness gets us back on our game, getting us ready to play full 90 minute games,” said junior Tristyn Hasmer.

While the athletes are trying to prove themselves to be a Spartan, the coaching staff faces much different challenges.

“The hardest part of tryouts is getting the kids in the right mentality to compete at a higher level,” said Assistant Coach Nick Beckmann.

Confident that tryouts will seed out all the slackers, Hutson is predicting a good season for the Spartan soccer team.

“Everybody just needs to put in their best effort, and I think we’ll do pretty well this year,” said Hutson.

The Spartan’s season opener is Aug. 29th against De Smet. They are an intimidating team to kick off the season with because of their reputation and fifth place ranking at the end of last year’s season.

“We might have a rough start of the season, because of all the seniors leaving, but I think we’ll do good this season,” said Hasmer.