Bouncing back

The girls volleyball team struggles against Francis Howell North and loses in 2 sets.

Kira Zerbolio, Reporter

On Monday, the girls volleyball teams traveled to Chesterfield to play against Marquette High School, a school our volleyball team has struggled with in the past.

Unfortunately, this particular night was not one of the best ones for the varsity team. The team lost both sets, but the night wasn’t all bad. In the second set, the Mustangs had a seven-point lead on the Spartans. The girls fought back, though, and ended up making a comeback. In the end, the set was still lost, but it was still a proud moment for the girls.

Junior Grace Painter has been playing volleyball at FHC for all three years she has been here. This is her first year playing on the varsity team.

“We fought back from a big deficit to tie the score,” Painter said.

Painter pointed out that Marquette had some strong servers which happened to be one of their weaknesses Monday night. Along with inconsistent serving, the girls also struggled with their passing. This was an issue because a good pass is needed in order for the rest of the volley to play out well.

Senior captain Kara Fihe thought that her team did very well with communication throughout the game. She said that Coach McAfee continuously attempted to keep the girls’ heads up and stay confident. No specific teammate stuck out to her, but she thought they were working well together.

“We all played at our own levels, and no one really stood out among the others,” Fihe said.

Fihe observed that there was a lot more energy in the second set than the first set, showing the girls were determined to do well despite the losing situation they were faced with.

Finally, sophomore setter Emily Mundle played a good game on Monday, as pointed out by Painter. This is Mundle’s second year helping out the Varsity team.

“Although we lost, I still feel like we played really well,” Mundle said.

Varsity plays against Troy at home on October 3, and they have districts October 16-18.
Gracie Kruep