Ms. Wright

Not everyone looks forward to learning a new language. It can be seen as pointless and annoying. Most of us won’t even step out of the United States, so why learn about a foreign country? Walking into my french class, however, I don’t feel that way. The work may be hard, but my teacher just makes it a little more bearable. She believes in us and always pushes us to try just a little harder.

She makes learning the language easy and opens a whole new world for us. Her stories of France, and quirky tips keep the class interesting. I can always walk out of that class knowing I learned something new everyday. She has a never-ending flow of patience and answers every question to her fullest extent. She never gives up on us, and even simple tidbits like rolling your r’s matter. She would spend a lifetime trying to help you understand.

It isn’t just when you’re in her classroom that she cares about you. It’s all the time, she is always concerned about your life out of school. She cares about your problems and she’s a person you can go to, to talk. She understands her students’ problems and that they have other things going on in their life besides just school. She takes some of the stress off of you when you’re in a tough spot and feel overwhelmed.

And for that I’d like to thank Mme Wright for being the understanding teacher she is.