Reversing roles

On occasion, there are events that can show a person’s true potential and highlight them as more tenacious than others once thought. Junior Brendan Brause, a track player who was reaching the pinnacle of his high school track career when he sustained a serious injury. Mr. Bob Breuer, a coach of the team, was disappointed by this turn of events.

“His second year with us and with no real vaulting time, Brendan comes out and starts hitting 12 feet in the pole vault, which was earning him medals in meets,” Mr. Breuer said. “Then, at practice, he was having a bad vaulting day, when he came down off the pole into the vaulting box and compressed his vertebrae. This essentially ruined his vaulting career and we are just very thankful that his injury wasn’t worse.”

Brause himself, however, was not going to sit quietly and watch the rest of the team pass him by. He took on a leadership role instead.

“I figured that I started the season so I should end it with the team even if I can’t compete,” Brause said. “Mostly I have just been hanging out with the team and helping coach pole vaulting … Other than that I have been trying to focus on how lucky I am that it is not any more serious than it is. I am still able to walk and will be back in sports in a few months so that’s what I have been trying to focus on.”

Mr. Breuer has noticed Brause’s efforts to help out his fellow teammates.

“Brendan is a great student and athlete who just ran into some bad luck. He has continued to come out and support his teammates as the season draws to an end. He’s even been referred to as Coach Brause by some of his teammates and coaches,” Mr. Breuer said.