A throwback to powderpuff

Brynlee Hendricks


As we begin fall break we would like to reflect on a good time spent here at Francis Howell Central during our homecoming week. Thursday the 28th, following the parade four groups of Spartan girls, faced off in an epic duel against one another. With their boys cheering them on from the sideline dressed in their best.

In the freshman vs. sophomore game, the underclassman took the win against their elder opponents. In the upperclassman game of Juniors & Seniors; again the younger defeat the older. With high spirits all around the field, it was a fun night even with upsetting loses. The male cheerleaders did their job in entertaining and pumping up the crowd. The junior girls’ team isBrynlee Hendricks
undefeated now with 3 wins for every year, so we will see if they can pull off the undefeated four years coming next homecoming week. It was a fun night & one to remember for sure.