Spartans fall to DeSmet

Last Thursday, the Spartans took the field for the first time. Vying for a victory over DeSmet, they fell short. The game began much like any other: back and forth. With 17:25 left in the first half, DeSmet made their first successful shot into the Spartan goal.

“We played really well; we had chances to score just didn’t play on those chances as well as DeSmet did,” said senior Scott Halbert.

Not even a minute later, DeSmet scored their second point. Their crowd went wild. DeSmet’s “crowd leaders” hopped off the bleachers with their flags running up and down the track. The Spartans did not even seem to notice the celebration.

“We stayed focused, it almost kind of riled us up,” said senior Erik Reese.

The Spartans held strong for the remainder of the half, but did let one more goal in during the second period. Final score 3-0. Although this game ended badly, it was a lesson for the team. Having to face one of the best teams in the state for a first game gave the team a taste of how they need to be playing at the end of season.

“DeSmet is the hardest team to have for a first game,” said Halbert. “But now we know how much we need to improve.”

Leaving this game in the past, the Spartans will take on Fort Zumwalt West and are expecting to win.

“We should win; we’ve always ranked higher than them in years past,” said Halbert.