Spartans prevail

Last Tuesday, the Spartans took the field with the Trojans from Troy Buchanan. The Spartans used the first half as an opportunity to get ahead of Troy and defeat the Trojans 2-1 for their first win of the season.

The first half was truly a Spartan show; they held clear control of the ball and scored the only points on the board. Junior Trystan Hasmer shot the first goal, very exciting, the crowd went crazy.

The following point, scored by junior Marc Crawford, was the the clear highlight of the game. After the game it was described as “the point of the year” by some players. The point was assisted by junior Walter Lembeck. Lembeck dangled the ball, cut through two Trojans and cut through the middle of the field, kicked to Crawford, and then he kicked it out of the air into the Trojans goal.

“It was cool scoring, because it was my first point in my high school career,” said Crawford.

After the first half, the Spartans took the field with more confidence than they’ve had the rest of their season.

“Those points really turned our attitudes around,” said senior Scott Halbert.

The Trojans did score one point in the second half, but the Spartan’s defense managed to hold tough, finishing the game proud 2-1.

“The first game is always the toughest, so I’m glad we got that out of the way,” said Halbert. “Now we’re ready to win our next game.”