Off to a Sensational start

Sensations dominate the dance floor with their hard work and strong family bond


Zoe Lentz

Sensations march down the track as a group, preparing for the season ahead. The girls are very close with each other, owing well to their success as a dance team.

Varsity Sensations are off to a sensational year. Their ability to form a strong bond while working hard allows them to succeed exceptionally. Just by watching these sensations perform, it is clear that the amount of teamwork and dedication these girls have truly allows them to shine on and off the dance floor. Junior sensation Saffire Brown is especially proud of being apart of a team that shares such a strong bond.

“They’re like my second family,” Brown said.

The positive energy these girls have created allows them to have a fun time while doing what they love together. It is clear that the sensations are more than just a team, they are a family. They all get to bond over their passions and have fun while dominating the dance floor.

“We’re all really close friends and [we] really enjoy doing the thing we love most together,” Brown said.

One of the recent events the sensations got to show off their sensational talent in was the pep rally featured on Fox 2 News. Sophomore Maya Cullian along with the rest of the sensations had an amazing time dancing in front of such a fun crowd.

“[The pep rally] went really good, the audience was fun and it was just a good time,” Cullian stated.

The girls performed their routine to “Hold it Against Me” by Brittany Spears in front of the large crowd of proud students and the many others tuned into Fox 2 news. While all of the girls enjoyed getting to perform in front of that big of a crowd together, they also enjoyed getting to see some of the other activities that displayed the strong bond the entire spartan family shares. 

“One of my favorite parts of the assembly was getting to see Sam [Newton] get iced” Brown said.

While it is clear that the sensations work hard to perform as well as they do, they also have fun and make good memories together. Junior Macey McCormack  realizes the importance of having fun as well as working hard.

“We as a team could definitely improve on the small things… but sometimes it feels like those things don’t matter. It’s the laughs and the energy” Mccormack said.