Early Morning Pep Rally Draws News Attention


Abbie Kohler

Freshman, Aidan Hernandez watches as Senior Sam Newton hurdles the ball into the arms of the FHC coaches. On friday the 13th of september the student of Francis Howell Central gathered in the gymnasium to support their school. Fox 2 news made an appearance at the high schools pep rally,and all the students couldn’t have been more excited.

The pep rally that took place on Sept. 13 was a fun-filled energetic event. Students and teachers filled the gymnasium with screams and chants, as Fox News 2 broadcasted the events live.

There was a lot of good energy involved, and it wasn’t hard to see the enthusiastic looks on the student’s faces.

“I had a lot of fun, the gym was really crowded and I loved everyone’s energy, it was really cool to see all the students and teachers that came out to support the school,” freshman Maddie Arle said.