Tennis team shows teachers appreciation, defeats Troy

Girls tennis team honors teachers they most appreciate.


Bojana Kuzmanoska

In the middle of returning the tennis ball to the other side of the net. You can see the dedication on Natalie Hall’s face. She says: “I thought that the Teacher’s appreciation day was a good experience and a good environment for the match”.

The girls had a tennis match between our school’s tennis team and Troy Buchanan’s school. The matches were played on tennis courts on Sept. 17. Students had invited some of their teachers to celebrate Teachers Appreciation Day with them. 

The weather was really hot but it was nice under the shade where the players had food and drinks to refresh yourself.

“Today’s weather is extreme, but nothing’s stopping us. And besides, we have food here! We win anyway,” junior Carissa Carron said. 

Even though the conditions weren’t the best, the players did their best and played all of the matches successfully.

The tennis team won with 8-5 and is preparing for the next matches with the same tempo and dedication.