Annual Choir Picnic Helps Build Relationships


Jennifer Lanterman

A few students join together to sing along to “Build Me Up Buttercup” at the picnic. Senior Josiah Haan, (pictured left), says “My favorite thing about choir is the people. I have a lot of friends who are super passionate about it.”

Members of all FHC choirs gathered together on Thursday, Sept. 12 for the annual choir picnic. It was a choir only event, where students brought food for each other to eat and listened to music in the choir room after school. There were students from Chamber, Chorale, Concert, Treble, and Chorus choirs. The choir picnic provides an opportunity for all choir students to get together and get to know each other.

Choir is all about building a community of people who love to make music and who make friendships within it.

“I get to represent a great program of students who love and support choir as much as I do. It feels good to be with people who want to be there,” senior Rita Schien said. Schien is a member of Chamber Choir as well as the president of the choir program. “I’m looking forward to the middle school tour because it shows the [middle school] students that we take stuff seriously, but we also have fun.”

In the upcoming months, Chamber will go on the middle school tour, where they sing for the eighth graders of multiple middle schools including Saeger. All choirs will perform for their first concert in the upcoming months as well.