Spotlight Players Create More Than a Play


Inge Petrie

On September 20 2019, Racheal Vrazel, Kayleigh Wright, Sam Cole and Sammi were laughing because they were trying to speak with a British accent in the auditorium.

On Sept. 20 2019, The Spotlight Players were rehearsing for their upcoming play in the auditorium in school.

Since it was Friday they already had a productive week behind them. So the rehearsal wasn’t that serious. They used that day to try some new things. 

“This day was not the best day to shoot, the rest of our rehearsals are not the same”, according to Sam Cole. He explained that the Friday rehearsals are always different, but despite the less serious rehearsal they had a lot of fun. 

The theater group is going to rehearse a lot more the upcoming weeks for their play, this October.