Preparing for districts

As the soccer season comes to a close, the boys prepare for districts and say farewell to the seniors.


Emily Wolfe

Junior Luke Fisher battles an apposing player from Francis Howell for the ball in last Tuesdays game. Only to lead to a 2-0 defeat.

As the boys soccer season comes to a close, the team has started to prepare for districts and begins to reminisce on the season. While having a rocky start to the season the team feels confident in their abilities to place for districts. Junior Luke Fisher believes that the season gave the team an idea of what’s to come in games.

“We’ve gotten a good look at our competition, and our last couple of games we have been playing really good so our confidence is pretty high at the moment,” Fisher said.

While preparing for districts, the team takes into account what some of their strong suits are as well as some of their weaknesses. To junior Tyler Cuba the team’s strong suits going into districts would be players’ individual skills. 

“One of our strong suites would be like individual skill,” said Cuba.

 Senior Luke Hantack believes the team’s defense is their strong suit.

Our strong suite is “Definitely our defense,they have been rock solid this season,” said Hantack.

On the other hand one of the key things that the players agree needs to be worked on is the team’s communication on the field. 

“I think our communication can be a little better at times. We’re not talking enough and we just really need to communicate,” said Fisher.

As the team is fully aware of who they are facing in their district games the team feels confident as to how they will play. 

“I think we got it. We’re playing Fort Zumwalt West in the first game but will take them down,” said Hantack. 

Now that the season has come to an end players start to reminisce about the time they have spent together and how the season has played out.

“It’s gone by really fast and like it’s kinda crazy to think that it’s over for the seniors. And next year is my last year, so kinda try to slow it down and enjoy it,” said Fisher.

While for the seniors, they come to the realization that it’s there last season playing high school soccer.

“It’s sad, [it’s the]last year and I don’t want it to end,” said Hantack