Change for goats

Central International kicks off the 2nd quarter with a fundraiser for goats which go to help families in need.

For the past couple of years Central International has come together to raise money to buy dairy goats for families in need. On Oct. 23, the club met bright and early to make posters to help raise awareness towards their cause. For every $50 they raise they will contribute it towards one dairy goat which goes to help many families. The foreign language teachers hold up and rattle buckets in the hallway in hopes that students will donate when they see how excited they are for these goats. 

“It’s important to donate because a small donation can make a difference in someone’s life. We take advantage of how easy we have it compared to other countries and if we have the chance to help them in any way it’s really important to document,Mary Wachtel said.

Central International will start this fundraiser for goats later in November and continue to do more fundraiser for families in need later in the school year.