Creativity through fashion

Clifford’s Fashion Construction Class shows their creativity through sewing and hemming from scratch.

Mrs. Grace Clifford’s first hour, Fashion Construction, is learning valuable hands-on skills that we all should acquire once we graduate high school. On Nov. 6, she introduced a new project to her class in hopes that they can apply the skills they’ve learned throughout first semester toward the project. Their task is to a create a pair of pants with instruction only from the cut outs and the help of Mrs. Clifford.

Acquiring these skills earlier in your education will benefit you in ways other than academically later in your life. Clifford’s class is designed to teach high schoolers the valuable uses of knowing how to hem and sew your own clothes while learning how to deal with problem solving situation.

“It’s a creative outlet, It’s engineering, it’s problem solving, and I also like to think that when you get out on your own that it’s a great hobby… and It’s all about problem solving and puzzle building,” Clifford said.

Clifford hopes to spread the need for this life long skill to other students by showing them what they could create by knowing this one skill. She also hopes to increase the amount of students enrolled in this course for next semester.