Reinforcing Technique

Music Appreciation class works on their technique while playing “Gift To Be Simple”

Music Appreciation is a class that allows students to express themselves through the playing of acoustic guitars. Mr. Griffin‘s first hour class was working on a song called “Gift To Be Simple” on Dec. 3.  They will continue to learn how to play this song for the rest of the semester. This class is open to everyone, experienced and not, and that’s what makes it so diverse. Many guitarists know how to play the instrument well but not how to read the music properly. This class is here to help them with this and make them into the best musician they possibly can be.

“I already know how to play guitar but learning how to read sheet music and tabs is a good skill to gain as I’ll be less limited as a musician. If someone needs me to play a part it will be a lot faster to learn it” Senior Brady Smith said. 

The class will continue to prepare “Gift To Be Simple” and also work on reviewing for their final.