10 Top Tier Holiday Gifts

From DIY’s to merchandise, here are last minute holiday gift ideas


Ruthann Kimbrel

The Gift of Self-Care: With a box, bag or basket, he present of self care can help a family member or friend going through stressful holiday shopping and finals during the school year. Adding in small things like a funny coaster for drinks, packed food such as donuts and a card wishing them a Happy Holiday

  1.  Decorated Photo Frame– If your loved one or friend has a favorite photo but nowhere nice to display it, a decorated photo frame is the gift for them. Go to Michaels, Hobby Lobby or JoAnn Fabric and Craft Store to pick up a photo frame and decorations like stickers, paint markers, patterned duct tape, fake flowers and hot glue. 
  2.  Self-Care Gift Basket– Noticing the stress of a loved one or friend tells them that you really appreciate them so, get them things they can use to destress. Things like soft blankets, face masks, coloring books and colored pencils, a journal, essential oils and other great destressors make a nice addition to the basket.
  3.  Gift Cards– If you’ve become clueless as to what your relatives or friends want, get them a gift card for an easy and inexpensive gift option. A gift card allows them to choose their own gift that they will enjoy.
  4.  Pajamas and Fuzzy Socks– You value your friends and family’s comfort, so why not get them some comfy pajamas and warm fuzzy socks for the holidays? Family and friends will be able to get cozy by the fire while opening up presents on Christmas morning. Plus, pajamas and fuzzy socks are stylish for the season
  5.  Scrapbook– Do you have any pictures and stickers left over from a previous craft? Why not buy a scrapbook to give to your loved one or friend and remind them of everything you have been through together.
  6. STL Zoo Parent: Adopt an Animal-This is an amazing gift for your animal-loving friends and family. You receive a multitude of gifts depending on how much you spend on the adoption, and the proceeds go towards the animal’s care and wellbeing. 
  7. Movie Tickets– With some good movies such as Jojo Rabbit, 1917, or Jumanji: The Next Level, coming to or already on the big screen, buying your loved one or friend movie tickets and taking them out on a “movie-date” to spend some quality time together.  Having quality time with them in an intimate setting can bring you closer together as you bond over post-movie thoughts 
  8.  Video Games– If you know that a family member or friend has a gaming console such as a PS4, Nintendo Switch, a computer or laptop or other consoles, buy them a video game you think they would enjoy or already do enjoy. Playing the video game or watching them play, brings you and the other person a sense of joy knowing you can bond over it.
  9.  Beginner’s Guides– Get your family or loved one a Beginner’s guide to any topic they are thinking about taking up or already enjoy. Some examples are a Beginners Guide to crocheting, knitting, painting or whatever else you think they will find interesting! While you’re at it, buy them some of the starter essentials as well!
  10. Merchandise– From Shane Dawson’s CONSPIRACY makeup line to Dan Howell’s SOUL merch, merchandise from their favorite content creator can make any family member or friend’s holiday season a warm and pretty one. Getting a friend or relative their favorite influencer’s merchandise makes them joyous and thankful and it is something they can use for as long as they want.