Which FHC Teacher Would be Your Best Friend?

This quiz decides which teacher would be your best friend based on your personality and interests


If you could describe yourself in one word would you describe yourself as:

A.) Energetic

B.) Responsible

C.) Extra

D.) Passionate


What is your favourite hobby?:

A.) Travelling to new places

B.) Playing or listening to Music

C.) Going to Amusement Parks

D.) Playing games with family and friends


What is your go to food?:

A.) Mexican

B.) Pizza

C.) Ice Cream

D.) Dessert


Which is your favourite movie genre?:

A.) RomComs

B.) Comedy

C.) Sci-Fi

D.) Inspirational


What is your favourite school subject?:

A.) English

B.) Math

C.) Human Anatomy & Physiology (HAP)

D.) Physical Education (P.E)


If you chose mostly A’s your teacher best friend is Mrs. Young

 You are a chill and dynamic person with a heart of gold. You enjoy sweets and tacos while travelling somewhere foreign to you. You enjoy spending quality time with friends and family and would travel with them to wherever your wild spirit guides you.

If you chose mostly B’s your teacher best friend is Mr. Hudzinski

 You are a well conducted person who enjoys both going out to eat or ordering take-out to eat in. You enjoy every laugh and cackle you have with your friends and family and cherish it.

If you chose mostly C’s your teacher best friend is Mr. Reed

You are a very sarcastic but humorous person who means well but jokes sometimes come off as serious. You get off task a lot but you always rebound with help from friends.

If you chose mostly D’s your teacher best friend is Coach Radigan

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