Consistent Chemistry


Aniya Sparrow

Jake Schweitzer trying to communicate with teammate Brendan Ward.

The JV Soccer team played hard against Francis Howell North on Oct.16. The Spartans won the game with an impressive score of 3-0, but not without making the game worth while. The game consisted of many tumbles, flips, and bruises for the boys, as well as the pressure to win on their minds. However, Sophomore Jake Schweitzer feels that winning the game is not the team’s only goal. For Schweitzer, the team really cares about continuing to improve on all their skills as the season progresses.

“We work on passing the ball with a purpose, and we work on where we need to be,” Schweitzer said. “We have really good chemistry. At some points of the game we don’t even need to know where each other is.”

Hopefully, this same chemistry can be transferred to their next match against Fort Zumwalt South on Tuesday Oct. 27.